Wednesday, July 31, 2013

John Cale - "Macbeth" (1973)

I'll leave the guitar solo out for clarity's sake and diagram this song otherwise as AABCABC.

The A sections are verses and they're short - only four lines each. At first, you get two of them and then the B section, but it's not clear what the B section is. (This is the part that starts off with "And you know it's true/You never saw things quite that way.") It's certainly reasonable to call this section a bridge, but it's odd to get a bridge before you get to the chorus. The other alternative is to say that it's a chorus.

The C section ("Somebody knows for sure/It's got to be me or it's got to be you" etc.) is similarly ambiguous, catchy enough to be a chorus but didn't we just have one?

Given that both sections repeat after the third verse, I'm saying this song has two choruses.

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