Monday, March 4, 2019

The Go-Go's - "Vacation" (1982)

A 16-bar verse, but there's irregularity, too. Five lyric lines with two sets of rhymes and then a line that doesn't rhyme with anything. (The measures are divided up into 4+4+2+2+4, the first 4+4 being the first rhyme, the 2+2 being the second, and the last 4 the line that's by itself.)

Hey, this song has a pre-chorus. There it is exactly 1:00 in: "A week without you," etc. One minute into the song, two verses in, and already the verses are done. (It's a three minute song.)

While the pre-chorus is an 8-bar, 4+4 rhyme, the chorus stays with the 4+4 but there is no rhyming. In a way, "Meant to be spent alone" is more profound this way. Because it, as a line of poetry, is itself alone.